Stop Hospital Acquired Infections Now!  

Introducing the Sigma OmniKlenz 1 from  Clinical Lasers.  The most powerful and effective total room UV-C sterilization system.


Routine Sterilization = 5 mins

Terminal Sterilization = 30 mins

Advanced Hospital Room Sterilization

Life Saving Advanced Technology 

  • Omni-directional total room saturation - Nowhere for pathogens to hide
  • MaxDose thorough and complete room disinfection in just 5 Minutes
  • Long life lamps neutralise pathogens in up to 120,000 rooms
  • Simple & easy to use 1 touch remote "on" or "off"
  • Highly visible countdown annunciator
  • Automatic walk in cut-off for added safety  
  • Fully mobile and easy to use without any trainng
  • Room is sterile in just 30 minutes and ready for instant use
  • Proven Phillips advanced UV-C technology

Routine Sterilization in 5 minutes

Use OmniKlenz as part of your routine cleaning process and sterilze each room in just 5 minutes flat.  As you clean, deploy OmniKlenz into the previous room for total pathogen free sterilization, every time.

OmniKlenz should be deployed as an effective adjunct to routine cleaning for absolute total peace of mind and assurance.  No other system has the power of OmniKlnez.  No other system has true 3 dimensional MaxDose technology that reaches into the furtherst corners to stop the spread of infectious pathogens.

Terminal Sterilization in  30 minutes

OmniKlenz has more power, more UV-C lamps and more coverage than any other system on the market.  nothing is left to chance, every inch of the room is irradiated beyond the survival capabilities of pathogens.

Deploy OmniKlenz into infected areas as the primary sterlization modality for complete pathogen free results, every time.  

The Business Case

Not only does OmniKlenz 1 save lives, it will prevent some of the 1,700,000 new cases of hosptial acquired infections that afflict Americans each year.  The cost of managing these infections is staggering and the human cost is tragic.

Our single minded goal is to equip every ward, treatment room, operating theatre and surgery with  OmniKlenz 1 in order to prevent infections and death on a large scale.

One single  OmniKlenz 1  has a useful life of 10,000 hours.  That's 20,000 rooms sterilized and made safe.

That equates to a cost of just $1.75 per room as opposed to  $68,000 and loss of the facilities for days using traditional methods.

OmniKlenz 1 pays for itself in 1 single use.

Stop Pathogens in their tracks.

  • MRSA
  • C.Diff
  • VRE
  • Flu
  • E-coli
  • Staphylococcus aureus

Value Proposition

  • Eliminate labor costs associated with terminal cleaning
  • Augment routine cleaning processes for thorough sterilization - every time
  • Reduce costs across whole value chain
  • Eliminate risks, costs, admin, handling & liability of using chemicals
  • Less waste and impact on the environment
  • No room down-time
  • Gain confidence of staff and patients
  • Save millions of dollars per annum  by eliminating healthcare associated infections.
  • Benefit from reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid by controlling infection
  • Quickly disinfect room and bring back into instant use

OmniKlenz 1 Maxdose

OmniKlenz 1 is the only total room sterilization system that offers complete 3 dimensional pathogen DNA disrupting irradiation.  With a circular array of 20 double tubes on the top section, 20 more on the bottom, and additional high dose lamps underneath and on top of the unit, OniKlenz 1 achieves total room saturation of highly effective 254nm UV-c emission.
  • MaxDose - Deliver optimum pathogen lethal UV-C irradiation at all times.
  • Reach total 3 dimensional effectiveness with zero places for pathogens to hide
  • 1/2 hour and the room is ready to use - no downtime
  • Inner mirror finish column bounces waste light back into room
  • Simple, effective, robust technology    
  • Uses optimized germicidal UV-C lamps 

Quality Works

OmniKlenz 1 is built from the most robust materials and is engineered to be maintenance free and to a standard that gives us the confidence to give you an unconditional 5 year parts and labor guarantee.
You get :-
  • Quality that is manufactured  from each component to the finished unit. 
  • Immediate part or entire unit replacement in the event of failure
  • 24/7/365 "always open" support team
  • A fast and visible ROI 
  • Dedication and a commitement to exceeding your expectations

Simplicity Wins

OmniKlenz 1 can be used as an adjunct to normal cleaning activities, or as an part of an effective single dose disinfection program for the whole building.  Anyone can quickly deploy and use OmniKlenz 1 which negates the need for specialist training or expensive contractors.

OmniKlenz 1 is equipped with a simple remote that either switches the unit on or off.  The highly visible countdown timer freezes at the off point so that users can restart the process without having to go back to the beginning.

The Best Guarantee in The world

We are so confident in this product that :-
  1. If OmniKlenz 1 does not out perform any product in it's class in the world - we will refund your money
  2. If OmniKlenz 1  does not pay for itself in 1 year - we will refund your money

See how OminKlenz 1 can pay for itself

Save on chemical costs
Save on man-power & wages
Save on room down-time
Save on chemical handling & Storage
Save on direct & indirect costs
Save the environment
Save on intervention costs
Save on consequential costs
Save lives

Deploy OmniKlenz for safety in :-

Dental surgery
Tech clean rooms
Cruise ships
Food prep areas
Public bathrooms

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The cost of terminal sterilization of a typical hospital room infected with MRSA is $68,000

OmniKlenz costs $35,000

Thats just $1.75 per room

Routine Sterilization takes just 5 minutes

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